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Established back in 2002, Toshiba Tech has become one of the most sought after printer rental companies in Gauteng, while also providing services to other areas in South Africa. Our rental prices are unbeatable, and with our dedication to service delivery, we are always one step ahead of your needs!


We operate completely independently AS Toshiba Tech,one of South Africa’s leading dealers in Toshiba printers as well as other copier brands.


While we are a Toshiba dealer in South Africa, Oki printer rentals are our latest popular and highly in demand service currently available. As one of your business’ biggest expenses, you need to be smart when you are looking to save costs when it comes to your printer. We are all about helping companies make a difference in their expenditure, which is why our printer rentals in South Africa are aimed primarily at reducing costs WITH RISK FREE RENTALS ALSO!

When looking to save costs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to afford the most efficient printer on the market. Renting a multifunctional printer is, in itself, a fantastic way to save. A multifunctional printer is able to fax, copy, print and scan, making it your must-have office appliance. This style of the printer will also save space, as you won’t have to have a separate scanner or fax machine ALSO WITH ADVANCED SCANNING FEATURES, OCR SCANNING AND PAPERCUT SOFTWARE FOR MANAGING YOUR WHOLE PRINT FOOTPRINT

But multifunctional is not the only type of printer available from Toshiba Tech. Our wide range of copiers gives you every option to choose from. The end result is that you will get the right printer to do the job for you.

Why Work With Us?

With so many copier companies offering rentals, you are likely to have stumbled upon us when doing your research. And now you want to know why you should really be working with us? Well, as a reliable Toshiba dealer, you have a brand name that you can undoubtedly place your trust in, especially as we now also supply Oki printers, OKI MULTIFUNTION PRINTERS, OKI LARGE FORMATT PRINTERS. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that you always get the best printer along with ongoing assistance.

When you rent a printer you are getting so much more than just a printer. Buying a printer leaves you with the cost of having to keep the machine maintained. If you haven’t set aside a budget, you could find that you end up in a rather difficult and even compromising position. Time waits for no one in business, and if you have to spend even a day without your printer, you might well be losing money. Renting a printer includes the maintenance and assistance that you could end up needing and you won’t have to factor in a completely new budget.

At Toshiba Tech we have photocopiers and similar machines designed to print just in black and white or to give you high-quality colourful printouts. Our printers are digital, easy to use, and they always produce the highest quality printouts.


Our selection of printers,COPIERS AS WELL AS MULTIFUNCTION DEVICES are available either as rentals or they can be bought. Sometimes, especially in the case of bigger companies, buying is the better business solution, and we are more than happy to provide quality printers for these companies.

About Oki Printers

There are many printing companies producing incredible machines and Oki is one of those brands. Oki printers are part of a global company dedicated to helping businesses by creating professional printing applications and services, designed to keep up with modern business needs.

OKI printing solutions, including OKI printers, OKI COPIERS available to rent from Toshiba Tech, are truly unbeatable when it comes to fast printing and quick performance. Their range of products is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes ESPECIALLY THE A4 PRINTERS AND COPIERS, COLOUR AND BLACK AND WHITE

OKI printers are designed to be used in-house, which is what makes them so ideal for small, medium and large companies. Their reliability is another reason why so many people choose to have an OKI printer.

This global company, with a strong support base in South Africa, is strongly committed to being environmentally friendly. Along with being dedicated to always supplying businesses with innovative printing technology, OKI is dedicated to assisting environmental awareness initiatives.

There are three ways that OKI enforces its environmental policy:

  1. By being active in the community by being involved with community activities.
  2. By being more involved in environmental conservation activities involving businesses.
  3. And finally, they are committed to always creating eco-friendly products.

This is one company that is concerned about the future and they support corporate social responsibility initiatives. When you buy or rent an OKI printer in Gauteng or elsewhere in the country, you can be sure that you will receive a fantastic printing solution.

“Copiers with a Difference”

Renting a printer for your Gauteng business is a really smart business decision. It’s the renting option that really makes the biggest difference and these are just a few of the advantages you can look forward to when you rent any one of our printers:

  • There is pretty much no risk. You can cancel your contract and not have to worry about paying any cancellation fees ON OUR MONTH TO MONTH RENTALS
  • It’s all included; printer, supplies, parts and a service.
  • You can opt for the flexible rental agreement. This means you get a printer when you need it, and when you don’t need it, you give it back. Simple and it saves costs for those companies not in constant need of a printer.
  • There are no hidden charges, all you need to do is pay once a month.
  • Servicing is not something you have to be concerned about, instead, it is our concern.
  • We offer short-term So if you need a copier for a month, a week or even a day, you can count on us!

We are dedicated to simplifying your copier needs. For printer rentals in Gauteng, including OKI printers and other top copier machines, you can get in touch with Toshiba Tech to set up a contract today.