For Your Business

As a business owner, security plays a crucial part in the success of your business. TOSHIBA TECH can ensure full video access to your business and it’s happenings at all time. Businesses and retail stores alike can benefit from the use of security cameras to monitor customers, assist in deterring criminals and preventing possible theft. Restaurants often use security cameras to monitor patrons, servers and the level of service provided, allowing for better control of happenings and customer experience. Warehouses, storage- and manufacturing facilities often use CCTV security cameras to monitor health and safety rules and regulations, workflow and employee productivity.

Conveniently located in Johannesburg, Gauteng.


For Your Home

CCTV is one of the most important aspects of your home security as it keeps video footage of what happens in and around your property. TOSHIBA TECH  has a wide range of systems to suit your personal needs, with covert indoor cameras, perfect for monitoring inside your home, allowing you keep on eye on your nanny or unoccupied children. TOSHIBA TECH also has a range of weatherproof infrared night vision CCTV equipment for covering driveways, pools, backyards, decks, garages and other unsupervised areas on your property. Call our Johannesburg Office today.

Invest in the ever watchful eye of CCTV in Johannesburg

There is nothing like CCTV in Johannesburg to give you reliable 24 hour surveillance and around the clock eyes on your business. In a world where criminals are always trying to outsmart the security systems, CCTV in Gauteng from Toshiba Tech remains one of the most effective systems in the fight against crime. CCTV along with the efficient services of a security company can help to guarantee that your company is always protected by the most reliable of systems.

Thanks to the ongoing innovation and research into improving security, companies are able to access security systems that are better than anything they might have seen in the past. Providing sharper images and manufactured using materials that are capable of withstanding all kinds of environments, every company can benefit from having a CCTV system set up for their Johannesburg based company.

Your 24/7 security system means you’ll have less stress when wondering what is going on at the office when you are not there to keep a look out for suspicious activity. CCTV systems suit all kinds of industries, making them ideal for the biggest factories as well as the smallest shops. CCTV can be custom fit in your building, guaranteeing that every aspect of the building is being guarded with careful eyes. Toshiba can provide you with the ideal system while we can also take care of your installation.

Why let Toshiba Tech handle your CCTV in Johannesburg?

Not only does our team have years of experience, but we are also supported by one of the world’s biggest automation companies: Toshiba.

Toshiba has become a world famous brand, known for their reliable, high-quality products. As a leader in the manufacturing of some of the best copiers and PABX systems, our CCTV systems in Johannesburg will provide you with superb quality that you can always rely on. Our products are the result of the latest developments in CCTV. This means that you will always receive a product that is up to date and capable of providing you with reliable security.

We understand that every client is unique and has specific requirements, such as focusing on certain angles in the building which need to be covered. With every new client, we discuss how best to install your CCTV so that you have the right coverage. Monitoring customers can deter criminals from taking chances while CCTV can also help to settle disputes arising between customers or between customers and your staff.

Our CCTV in Johannesburg is not just for the bustling businesses operating in and around the city, we also provide reliable systems for homes. Digital eyes watching your gates and doors are the perfect crime deterrent and work well in conjunction with your armed security services. With our immense range of reliable systems, we can give you the system you need to monitor your home, both inside and out. Our CCTV is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and includes a night vision option.

Get in touch with Toshiba Tech for your CCTV in Johannesburg. Our systems will improve the securing of your premises.

Purchase options range from CASH and Rentals – rent to own with options of full maintenance and CLOUD HOSTING. All CCTV services we offer can be viewed off-site on mobile devices etc.


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