Buy the Best Refurbished Copiers


The option of buying or renting a refurbished printer is a fantastic choice for both well established and small, growing companies. We’ve helped thousands of businesses get the right printer set up. Refurbished printers can be either a permanent office system or they can be the stand-in product until you buy a new printer or sign up for printer rental.


The term refurbished, used or 2nd hand can make any buyer cautious. Each refurbished printer is carefully checked out by technicians and every measure is taken to ensure that you get a reliable, fully functional printer that won’t give you issues. Refurbished printers are not just prior owned, this group of copiers also consists of demo models, and early rental returns or repossessions. We can guarantee that regardless of the machine you choose, it won’t let you down.


You won’t be limited in your selection of printers. Famous copier brands along with lesser known options are available, and you will have the option of choosing either a multi-functional system or a single function machine. OKI Printers, Richo, Samsung, Toshiba, Canon, Brother and Kyocera printers are just a few of the exceptional brand names available. Our range of machines will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Great Printers at Unbeatable Prices

Every company, whether it is a start-up or an established corporation, wants to save money, and cutting back on costs starts with making smart office automation decisions. Cutting back on costs is a possibility when you select a refurbished machine. Prices can be lower when you go this route, depending on the printer brand and the age of the machine.


While you cutting back on costs related to buying a printer, you are not missing out on getting your office the exact printer you need. It’s an all round beneficial choice to make.


As with any copier, there is always the concern that the system will somehow malfunction or breakdown mid-print. No business can afford this kind of setback, so we not only ensure that the system is in superb running order, but we also give you a 12 month swap out guarantee. This guarantee is only available when signing up for our service agreement. You can enjoy more peace of mind knowing that our technical team is able to look after your machine and get stuck into repairs should you have any issues.

Why purchase your printer from us?

Our years of experience working in the industry has given us the technical know-how needed when it comes to reliable copier refurbishment. When we receive the used printer, we are able to carefully go over every part of the machine, ensuring that the integrity of the printer is up to scratch before we sell it to anyone. This service will uncover any and all issues, ensuring that you don’t end up paying out more for costly repairs. This also means you won’t have to be concerned about downtime.


We don’t only have second hand printers for sale. We also specialise in the sales of new printers. We give all our clients the option of signing up for a lease agreement, which covers servicing and repairs, while it will also means that you can enjoy access to the latest copiers without over committing yourself or your budget. Whether you buy a brand new copier or opt for a refurbished printer, know what your needs are before you make your decision.


Our 12 month swap out guarantee when signing a service agreement, will give you peace of mind. Your machine will be up and running at all times.  And should you encounter an issue, we’re just a call away!

Talk to our team today, we’ll help you find the right printer.